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Screenshots of Disassembly 3D
  • Disassembly 3D
  • Disassembly 3D
  • Disassembly 3D
  • Disassembly 3D
  • Disassembly 3D
  • Disassembly 3D
  • Disassembly 3D
  • Disassembly 3D
  • Disassembly 3D
  • Disassembly 3D
  • Disassembly 3D
  • Disassembly 3D
  • Disassembly 3D
  • Disassembly 3D
  • Disassembly 3D
  • Disassembly 3D
  • Disassembly 3D
  • Disassembly 3D
  • Disassembly 3D
  • Disassembly 3D
  • Disassembly 3D
  • Disassembly 3D
  • Disassembly 3D
Description of Disassembly 3D (from google play)

Love taking things apart? Seeing how things work? Shooting stuff with a shotgun or rocket launcher? This game lets you do so in the ultimate destruction experience!

Disassembly 3D: Ultimate Stereoscopic Destruction simulates the experience of taking everyday objects apart. Remove screws, bolts, nuts and every single part with your tools and bare hands. All fully interactive with realistic disassembly physics! Weapons mode unlock as you complete levels for more destructive fun!

Shoot a TV with a shotgun, blow up your computer, smash stuff with a hammer, and much more. Every level is a sandbox! Instead of disassembling the object, spawn in weapons and bombs, place and pose mannequins, and stick C4 everywhere and get ready for tons of fun!

Drive cars and a tank, fly a helicopter and fighter jet, experience a plane crash, dive underwater in a submarine, sail and sink with the Titanic, orbit the Earth, ride an elevator, cook food, make coffee, and much more! Experience everything in this game!

First six levels are free, the rest are available via in-app purchase.

* 51 objects ranging from furniture, appliances, electronics, to the super jumbo A380! Modelled in extreme detail, right down to the final screw!
* Realistic physics - touch and drag parts to disassemble, move or drop them!
* Interactive objects - drive cars and ships, fly planes and helicopters, operate a coffee machine, spin a fidget spinner, and much more!
* Realistic destruction - weapons becomes unlocked once you successfully disassemble an object. Place the bomb then blow things up in slow motion 'bullet' time!
* Virtual Reality mode - supports Google Cardboard and similar headsets for the ultimate experience! VR Bluetooth controller supported!
* Stereoscopic 3D mode - glasses free! wiggle, parallel eye, cross eye and SBS modes! Compatible with most 3D viewers and 3D TVs!
* High replay value - explore alternate ways to disassemble an object, or just blow it up for the fun of it!
* Universal app - works on phones and tablets!
* Supports all screen resolutions and all orientations! With ultra-high resolution textures!

List of objects:
* Sidetable, Lamp, Speaker
* Pocket Knife, Microscope, Antique Car
* Robot, Safe, Bicycle
* Chair, Water Heater, House
* Hard Disk, Blender, Coffee Machine
* Sink, Lego Van, Hellfire Missile
* Screw Driver, Rice Cooker, Titanic
* Phone, Jig saw, Car
* Toaster, Coffee Grinder, Airplane
* Flashlight, Elevator, Train
* Tablet, DVD Player, Skyscraper
* Toilet, Telescope, Tank
* Hair Dryer, Computer, Space Station
* Drone, Hoverboard, Helicopter
* Controller, TV, Submarine
* Fidget Spinner, Claw Machine, F1 Car
* Toothbrush, Microwave, Fighter Jet
* More to be added in future updates

Unlockable weapons and tools:
* Classic Bomb
* Handgun
* Shotgun
* Grenade
* Assault Rifle
* C4 Explosive
* Rocket Launcher
* X-ray glasses
* Part finder
* Mannequin
* More to be added in future updates


YouTube Channel:

Version history Disassembly 3D
New in Disassembly 2.6.2
- New awesome weapons update! Handgun, shotgun, rifle, grenade, C4, rocket launcher, and more! Experience more destruction than ever!
- New part finder to help you find those elusive parts to complete the level!
- New more awesome 3D explosions and shockwave effects!
- Posable mannequin which you can place in vehicles and crash and blow them up!
- X-ray glasses let you see the internal workings of objects!
- Hundreds of other bug fixes and improvements
New in Disassembly 2.5.0
- New Item Pack 16! Toothbrush, Microwave, Fighter Jet!
- Take off, retract the landing gear, fly, fire guns and missiles, eject and crash in our most detailed model ever!
- Now you can continue playing even after completing the level for more destructive fun!
- Show bonus parts count
- Hint button added for when you just can't find the last few parts
- Many other bug fixes and improvements
New in Disassembly 2.4.1
- New Item Pack 15! Fidget Spinner, Claw Machine and F1 Car! Ultra detailed engine, with moving pistons and crankshaft!- New car enhancements, with engine start sounds, brake lights and engine fires!- Airplane and helicopter engines now catch fire when crashed!- New part selection outline highlight for better visibility- Tank and Helicopter levels now have targets for you to shoot at!- Helicopter cyclic controls now move in both axes- Hoverboard now catches fire like the real thing!
New in Disassembly 2.3.0
- New Item Pack 14! Controller, TV, Submarine. Submerge and attack in a submarine! With full detailed interior and more realistic sinking and buoyancy physics!- New view-only Demo Mode! Now you can preview all items before purchasing!- Enhanced underwater effects for the Titanic- Fixed horrible tasting purple bread bug for Toaster- Various bug fixes
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